Our Story

Toast of Brooklyn celebrates its 12th Anniversary in October 2019. It is the continuation of the highly successful Toast of Bedford Stuyvesant, Food and Wine Festival held at the Carver Bank in 2007. The original idea of its founders was to invite wine and spirits suppliers/producers into Brooklyn to participate in a unique upscale event previously seen only in Manhattan and affluent communities. This event began as a celebration of Bedford Stuyvesant but has transformed into a truly spectacular occasion for the culturally diverse borough of Brooklyn.

The inclusion of international culinary artisans combined with local chefs will offer a glimpse into the continued ascension of Brooklyn as the cultural destination of New York City. Also, we intend to feature the experiences of various peoples and their cuisine from around the world. This trend began in 2013 with the participation of the Nelson Mandela family and vineyard.

The diversity of Toast of Brooklyn is unmatched by any other festival of its kind in New York City!

 Annually, a local social or educational not for profit is identified to benefit from our event. The beneficiary for 2019 is the Caribbean Tourism Organization Foundation to aid young people from the Caribbean islands devastated and still suffering the effects of hurricanes.

 The maintenance of an atmosphere of sophistication is the hallmark of "Toast of Brooklyn" that has led to the longevity and success of this local festival. We aim to make 2019 the most enjoyable yet!